Feb 21, 2014

Spring Forward Fashion

I don't know about you, but I am ready for SPRING! New York Fashion Week just passed, and all the hot trends are out and being flaunted and I just can't wait to get my spring style game on!

Here are some treasures I've come across recently while I was procrastinating browsing the internet doing blog research. Enjoy!

In looove with these hot pink Coach sunglasses! If only I had some spare cash to burn on these babies...

How cute are these? I love how they look paired with the shiny black leggings. Sigh...spring where are you so I can where these while I ride my bike and look cute?

I rarely wear heels because a) they are usually very uncomfortable, and b) I'm already tall enough, but I have no problem admiring how hot they look. These 2-toned beauties from Proenza Schouler are too cute.

I love everything about the Peter Pilotto for Target Collection. In stores now!

How rockin' is this? I kind of NEED it. Cynthia Rowley.

I have always been into the sheer cut-out look, and was so excited to see if come back into style in late 2012/2013. Looks like the trend is still going strong with this sexy top from Intermix. And how well would it match either of the two skirts below..?

This one from Marks and Spencer is perfect for daytime....

...and this one would be perfect with that Intermix top on a hot date or night out with the girls, from Next.

Alexander McQueen. Enough said.

So, it looks like there is a lot of white and black going on for this season, and lots of textures and interesting floral-type patterns. Bright hues paired with neutrals and big, bold jewelry will be popular again.

Do you have a favorite trend for spring? Lmk in the comments!

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Feb 18, 2014

Playing with Photoshop

I've been trying to sharpen my Photoshop and web design skills lately, so I've been doctoring up photos just for fun. Here are a couple I made yesterday of my Lily:

Doesn't she look magical?

Sparkle magic princess!

So, tell me– too busy? Too much glitter? Or just pure fantastical fun? Feel free to be honest, I'm just playing around here...

Shout-out to my cousin Jennifer who made that awesome dreamcatcher! 

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Feb 14, 2014

Lazy Valentine's Day Breakfast

So, this morning I got this rad idea to make heart-shaped pancakes for Paul and Lily for breakfast. But, then I went downstairs and saw that not only were we out of pancake mix, but the sink was still full of last night's dishes. And I was hungry. 

So, I improvised. 

I cut English muffins to look like hearts!


You know you wish you were as clever as me. ;)

It's ok, go ahead and copy. I won't cry foul.

You won't have to walk around like this:


P.S. I got this, too...

Now I'll bet you're really jelly.

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Preschool Project: Valentine's Day Frames

I used to always dread Valentine's Day, especially when I started caring about boys and what other people thought of me. I was so desperate to make myself appear to be loved and desired, that I would sometimes ask my guy friends to buy me the $1 carnations they sold on Valentine's day at my high school (*hangs head in shame...*).

Nowadays, I know it's just another silly holiday invented to sell greeting cards, but it can also be fun if you don't take it so seriously. Especially if you have a kid

So, with Valentine's day upon us, Lily and I got crackin' on a cute project to give as gifts to the grandparents and, of course, Lily's daddy. I got the idea for these cute, easy-to-make picture frames when a friend of mine commented that she needed a frame for Lily's most recent school picture. I told her we'd make one for her, and then I included popsicle sticks in the equation, and we came up with these bad boys.

Sure, you've seen plenty of variations on this little diddy before, but these were made by my hand. So, that instantly makes them way better. Ish.

I glued and cut the cardboard, Lily colored and added the kick-ass gem and foamie stickers. We used markers as opposed to paint just because Lily likes to mix all the paint colors together and make poopy brown there's less mess involved, but feel free to give it a go with paint instead for a less rinky-dink look. They're for the grandmas, so she could smear her lunch on them and they'd love 'em.


Popsicle sticks
Markers or paint
Stickers and such

Steps (as if you need them):

1. Glue the sticks to the cardboard as shown in pictures.
2. Be sure to include a piece of popsicle stick on bottom underneath bottom border of frame so pic does not fall out (see below). 

3. After frames are dry, cut out of cardboard (or you could cut out the board first, but I glued them to a pizza box lid, so it was easier to just cut them out after allowing them to dry).
4. Color and decorate.
5. Stick a cute pic in it.
6. Take some string to the back to the frame can be hung.
7. Done!

If you come across this humble blog spot and decide to give this project a try and then blog about it, please comment with a link to your post and I will be happy to share it here!

Thanks! Have a kick-ass weekend!

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Feb 11, 2014

More cool stuff

So...another day, another week. In the last seven days I tried some new recipes, played in the snow with Lily, dug out the walkway and my car, hid indoors from the snow, watched Finding Nemo five times....so, you know, typical snow-weather stuff. 

I am SO over the snow.

And MORE is coming..!


I'm moving to Coasta Rica....

Anyway, not much other than all the snow got me down, so here is a list of 10 cool things. Enjoy...

Yes and yes. (plus a subtle nudge at pro gun-control policies?)

1. The return of The Walking Dead! WOOT! I gotta be honest, I didn’t like this show when it first came out, but my husband is a hardcore zombie fan and roped me in, and now I can no longer deny the interesting characters, compelling script, and unique storylines. Fabulous mid-season opener. Finally getting a peek into Michonne's history...

2. I tried a new recipe. Apparently braised celery ain't too bad.

photo credit: A Girl Defloured

3. My daughter's rad coloring skills. Not bad for a 3 year-old, eh?? (well, she'll be 4 soon, but still).

4. This new car that's coming out.

5. Dumb Starbucks. Made me giggle.

 6. Coconut oil. It's awesome. You should make the switch and enjoy the abundance of health benefits it offers, such as its anti-bacterial properties, antioxidants, and how it works wonder for most skin problems. 

7. Mucha-inspired Disney princesses. Because look how pretty! I always loved the art nouveau style, but I never heard of Alphonse Mucha until I came across these inspired artworks. 

Ariel has always been my favorite :)

8. These beautiful portraits of the artist's 5 year-old daughter inspired by historical artworks. 

Where does he get the costumes??

9. Rocky Ridge Refuge– an animal refuge founded by an incredible woman who desired to help animals in need by opening up her home to them. 


10. This picture of my Lily enjoying our non-stop snow days :)

So, at least there's that when it comes to the white weather. But, still. Give me back the summer, I'm ready!!

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