Feb 14, 2014

Preschool Project: Valentine's Day Frames

I used to always dread Valentine's Day, especially when I started caring about boys and what other people thought of me. I was so desperate to make myself appear to be loved and desired, that I would sometimes ask my guy friends to buy me the $1 carnations they sold on Valentine's day at my high school (*hangs head in shame...*).

Nowadays, I know it's just another silly holiday invented to sell greeting cards, but it can also be fun if you don't take it so seriously. Especially if you have a kid

So, with Valentine's day upon us, Lily and I got crackin' on a cute project to give as gifts to the grandparents and, of course, Lily's daddy. I got the idea for these cute, easy-to-make picture frames when a friend of mine commented that she needed a frame for Lily's most recent school picture. I told her we'd make one for her, and then I included popsicle sticks in the equation, and we came up with these bad boys.

Sure, you've seen plenty of variations on this little diddy before, but these were made by my hand. So, that instantly makes them way better. Ish.

I glued and cut the cardboard, Lily colored and added the kick-ass gem and foamie stickers. We used markers as opposed to paint just because Lily likes to mix all the paint colors together and make poopy brown there's less mess involved, but feel free to give it a go with paint instead for a less rinky-dink look. They're for the grandmas, so she could smear her lunch on them and they'd love 'em.


Popsicle sticks
Markers or paint
Stickers and such

Steps (as if you need them):

1. Glue the sticks to the cardboard as shown in pictures.
2. Be sure to include a piece of popsicle stick on bottom underneath bottom border of frame so pic does not fall out (see below). 

3. After frames are dry, cut out of cardboard (or you could cut out the board first, but I glued them to a pizza box lid, so it was easier to just cut them out after allowing them to dry).
4. Color and decorate.
5. Stick a cute pic in it.
6. Take some string to the back to the frame can be hung.
7. Done!

If you come across this humble blog spot and decide to give this project a try and then blog about it, please comment with a link to your post and I will be happy to share it here!

Thanks! Have a kick-ass weekend!

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