Feb 4, 2014

Well, hello there

Hi! I was feeling creative yesterday, so I decided to start this blog. I’ve blogged before, my most successful being Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby, and my most recent that never really quite got off the ground was The Greensumer, which I still think is an awesome idea, but at this time it doesn’t hold my brain’s interest long enough to steadily pursue. So here I am, instead writing whatever the fahk I happen to feel like writing.

I’ll start with some Top 10 Lists, because everyone likes lists!

 It was more difficult to think up the things that didn't suck...

Top 10 Things That Didn’t Suck Last Week

1. Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the horse, baby, so it should be a wild ride. Hold on tight and don’t get dragged through the tumbleweeds.

So good.

2. Lentil soup with spaghetti. So, Sunday I was making lentil soup and realized I was low on small-shaped pasta. My mother-in-law was over, and she suggested using broken up spaghetti instead. This turned out to be a total game-changing ingredient, and now Nanny Rose’s lentil soup has never been better. The spaghetti offered a more interesting collection of textures, and also made it more fun to eat.

3. My 3-year-old daughter Lily naming some things that are yellow (which was our "color of the week" last week).

4. Pink Himalyan Sea Salt. I’ve made the switch, and it is oh-so worth it. It’s got a tangier flavor, and chock-full-of beneficial minerals and trace elements. And it’s PINK!

5. My latest smoothie blend. 1 banana, 1 handful of strawberries, scoop of homemade almond butter, spoonful of raw hemp seeds, spoonful of chia and golden flax blend (LINK), 1 cup almond-coconut milk. Delish. (I didn't take a pic, but it was pink too!)

6. Cool ear cuff. I got this baby off of Shoe Dazzle, which is a really awesome virtual shoe store you should definitely sign-up for if you like shoes. 

I got "Material Girl". Write your result in the comments if you want to be a cool kid.

7. This awesome quiz on Buzzfeed for you to waste your time with.


8. This kick-azz My Little Pony/Power Puff Girls mash-up video I found on YouTube. Lily and I were GLUED to the screen like never before.

9. New friends! I went to this fuh-mazing Chinese New Yea party Friday and actually made new friends! I have not done that in SO long. Lemme tell you…once you have kids, it’s a hard thing to do, unless all of the new friends you make are new moms, too.

Because his name is Thor.

10. THIS.

Top 10 Things That Did Suck Last Week


1. Chia Pop. Most gimmicky snack food I have seen in a long time. Claims to be “made with chia seed”, “timelessly tasty”, and “right on the money”. It is none of these things. It has a sprinkling of what could be ground chia seed powder on it, and it tastes about as palatable as wet cardboard, and has the same texture. This particular bag I tried labeled its flavor as “Aged White Cheddar”; more like “Aged Cereal Box”. Don’t buy it. I promise, I am saving you whatever the fahk this thing cost.

I do not know whose cars these are.

2. SNOW. Enough already! I’m moving to a tropical island as soon as I can…

3. Rising energy costs. I often get statements from PSE&G claiming that they are making changes to lower my energy costs. I see no such change. What do they take their customers for? Completely useless non-reading potatoes? Because I think that’s the only thing that would be fooled by such lies.

4. Electronic toys with no volume adjusting mechanism. SCARY!

5. These poor folks not being able to travel home for the holidays because they can’t afford gifts for their family members. Way to appreciate "the best things in life"!
Pussy Riot is so not happy. 

6. The Olympics. I am so not cool with things that are happening in Russia right now, so it’s difficult to support this event. A big right-on to all competing athletes who have worked hard to get there, but I really wish they had reconsidered the location. I also can't help but find events like this to be incredibly distracting to more serious issues happening in the world right now, which leads to the next 3 things that sucked...  

Horn ≠ horny

7. Killing all the rhinos. This has been going on for a long time, but it was in the news recently that over 1,000 rhinos were killed in 2013 alone, just for their horns which some fools happen to think will enhance their libido.

8. Killing all the whale sharks. When will we just the ocean alone??

9. Killing all the chickens. Why all the killing??!!

10. Carpet factories in India. Scary…let’s all try to be more mindful of where we get our floor rugs from, hmm? 


So I guess we'll just wait and see what my twisted little mind comes up with next. Thanks for stopping by :) 

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