Feb 11, 2014

More cool stuff

So...another day, another week. In the last seven days I tried some new recipes, played in the snow with Lily, dug out the walkway and my car, hid indoors from the snow, watched Finding Nemo five times....so, you know, typical snow-weather stuff. 

I am SO over the snow.

And MORE is coming..!


I'm moving to Coasta Rica....

Anyway, not much other than all the snow got me down, so here is a list of 10 cool things. Enjoy...

Yes and yes. (plus a subtle nudge at pro gun-control policies?)

1. The return of The Walking Dead! WOOT! I gotta be honest, I didn’t like this show when it first came out, but my husband is a hardcore zombie fan and roped me in, and now I can no longer deny the interesting characters, compelling script, and unique storylines. Fabulous mid-season opener. Finally getting a peek into Michonne's history...

2. I tried a new recipe. Apparently braised celery ain't too bad.

photo credit: A Girl Defloured

3. My daughter's rad coloring skills. Not bad for a 3 year-old, eh?? (well, she'll be 4 soon, but still).

4. This new car that's coming out.

5. Dumb Starbucks. Made me giggle.

 6. Coconut oil. It's awesome. You should make the switch and enjoy the abundance of health benefits it offers, such as its anti-bacterial properties, antioxidants, and how it works wonder for most skin problems. 

7. Mucha-inspired Disney princesses. Because look how pretty! I always loved the art nouveau style, but I never heard of Alphonse Mucha until I came across these inspired artworks. 

Ariel has always been my favorite :)

8. These beautiful portraits of the artist's 5 year-old daughter inspired by historical artworks. 

Where does he get the costumes??

9. Rocky Ridge Refuge– an animal refuge founded by an incredible woman who desired to help animals in need by opening up her home to them. 


10. This picture of my Lily enjoying our non-stop snow days :)

So, at least there's that when it comes to the white weather. But, still. Give me back the summer, I'm ready!!

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